Monday, November 30, 2009

After Dinner Thoughts

Thanksgiving Left-overs Turkey Soup turned out to be pretty good. Although I almost ruined it. I used my large stainless stock pot to cook the soup. And everything went fine until I transported the soup to my parents house and put it on the stove-top to bring up to temperature. I was busy looking through some sales ads and didn't go in the kitchen and stir the soup. The corn began to burn on the bottom of the pot! Well, I transferred the soup into a different pot and was able to continue to cook the soup. I added the noodles and everything was fine.

I was really worried that I had ruined the soup, but it all turned out well after all. Michael and I had it for dinner again tonight. I have a bit left over to take to work for lunch; and Michael will have it one more time as well. Mom and Dad were having it for dinner again tonight too.

The real find for dinner, though, were the Bavarian pretzels I picked up at Dierbergs. Holy cow these were fantastic! They are from Companion Breads in St. Louis, and unfortunately are only available for a limited time. I'll be picking some more up and seeing if they will freeze. They truly were the yummiest.

Next Sunday is my 6th Annual Cookie Exchange. So far I have 12 friends who have said they will come. I'll put up a separate post about the Cookie Exchange, including what appetizers I will be serving. So until then I hope you are having a great start to the Holiday season!

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