Sunday, January 3, 2010

After Dinner Thoughts

Well, I learned something this evening after dinner was cooked. Neither Dad nor Michael like tomato soup! So, why didn't they tell me this before I made a huge pot of it? It was good soup; and there is some leftover. Hopefully someone will eat it. Perhaps if I add some vegetables to it they might eat it. Oh was a good excuse to use my immersion blender. Boy I really like that kitchen tool. It is fun to immerse the stick into the soup and blend away! It's almost like magic.

The croissant panini was tasty and enjoyed by all. We used my mom's old waffle iron to make the paninis. The waffle iron has exchangeable plates that are smooth to press sandwiches. It worked great! The strawberry/peach crumble was pretty good too, and it was really easy to make. It also looked pretty.

It is really hard to believe it is now 2010. This is when we were supposed to have flying cars and other "jetsonian" life aids, like robot maids. While we do have many modern conveniences that we probably wouldn't have imagined when we were younger, things don't feel all that different. I guess an immersion blender is enough of a modern tool to make the first Sunday of 2010 good enough.

I return to work tomorrow after an extended vacation. I'll find out tomorrow if I'm ready or not. I expect I am. Let's all have a good week!

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