Sunday, February 28, 2010

After Dinner Thoughts

So, everyone decided this really wasn't breakfast for dinner. Michael especially wanted to know when we ever eat salad for breakfast. Well...we don't, so I guess they're right. But thinking of breakfast for dinner is what prompted me to put this menu together.

The roasted tomato pasta frittata was pretty yummy. I did use a large can of peeled whole tomatoes in place of the fresh tomatoes. I just sliced them and then followed the recipe directions for roasting. This adaptation worked out just fine. The Parmesan toast was good too. One quarter of the fritatta and one slice of Parmesan toast is supposed to be 8 weight watchers points. I had one piece of toast and one-eighth of the fritatta; I'm figuring 5 points.

The banana pecan pancake bake was tasty too. I changed it up by using fat free half and half and a sugar free maple flavored syrup. Also, because I didn't have a big enough pan, I only used 18 pancakes instead of 24. I had 1/2 serving, which with full fat and sugar ingredients is 4.5 weight watchers points. Mom said this reminded her of bread pudding.

So, even though we had an egg dish and a pancake dessert, I guess I can't count this as breakfast for dinner. Oh, well, maybe another time. All said, tonight's dinner worked for me.

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