Sunday, February 20, 2011

After Dinner Thoughts

Mexican vegetarian was pretty tasty! We actually make the taco salad quite often at our house, just not usually on Sunday. Also, we don't usually put tofu in it. Adding the tofu was okay, I don't think it enhanced the taco mix at all, but it also wasn't detrimental to the taste. The triple decker tortillas were really easy to make and yummy. They will be an easy bite to make when time is short - maybe good for lunch on their own.

So, now it's time for me to confess - I am not a baker. I can try all I want, but I will never be known for cakes, cupcakes, pies, or anything that requires mixing and baking. You might be able to guess that the cupcakes didn't work out. It's up to others to come up with dessert if it needs to be baked.

So, two good, and one not so good. Oh well, I never said I was perfect. I do like to cook, though, so I'll keep making Sunday dinner and telling you all about it.

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