Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking About Cupcakes

I belong to the local Rotary. Rotary = Service Above Self; there is a four-way test regarding the things we think, say, or do:
1- Is it the TRUTH?
2- Is it FAIR to all concerned?
4- Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Rotary strives to end polio worldwide and to provide opportunities to our communities. As a Rotarian, I participate in fund raisers. On Tuesday, February 8, we are hosting an all-you-can-eat Chili Day. The proceeds from this event will support our local youth fund: a 3rd grade dictionary program, the High School After Prom Party, students of the month, and foreign exchange students. I'm making 2 dozen cupcakes to take to the event and have been trying to decide what to make. I'm going to have to make the cupcakes on Sunday and I'll make enough for dessert with Sunday dinner.

I'm not a big cupcake maker (to say the least). I have some canned pie fillings at home and would like to make some cupcakes that might incorporate pie filling. So far I've found two recipes I'm considering: American Pie Cupcakes and Peaches and Cream Cake that I would bake as cupcakes. I also was looking at two more recipes: Boston Creme Cupcakes and Strawberry and Mascarpone Filled Cupcakes. I think I may make one of the peach cupcakes, the Boston creme and the Strawberry/Mascarpone cupcakes and then take whichever turn out the best.

So, what should I make for dinner if I'm also going to be making cupcakes? Hmmm...my friend Laura recommends something warm and hearty. I'm thinking stroganoff. My mom makes a fabulous beef stroganoff. Now we all know I won't be making a beef stronganoff, but I might make a portobello mushroom or a vegetarian crumbles stronganoff. Or maybe I'll just take my mom's recipe and tweek it to be vegetarian. We'll have a lettuce salad as well as some good bread. Easy, warm, and hearty! A stroganoff should fit the bill.

Whatever I end up making, I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out!

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