Sunday, February 20, 2011

After Dinner Thoughts

I finally came across the tofu Parmesan recipe I used in the past, it's from Eating Well and is called Tofu Parmigiana. While I was searching online, I came across two more recipes that sounded good: Emeril's Tofu Parmesan and Tofu Parmesan from I Found Happy. So, what did I do? A mash-up of course! Here's what I did:

I followed Emeril's recipe with the exception of cooking and adding the onions and mushrooms like in the recipe from Eating Well. I did bake the dish like Emeril's called for as well. It was good, but Michael and I like the Eating Well recipe and method better; it keeps the tofu crisp. In Emeril's recipe the tofu doesn't stay crisp during the baking process.

The potatoes and portabellas were good. I would maybe try that company's frozen mixtures again, however it's probably just as easy to cook the same mixture with fresh vegetables. The fresh asparagus was very yummy!

I'm happy to share tofu parmigiana with you. It is a recipe we like and I'm just surprised I haven't shared it before. Have a great week and I'll share our next Sunday dinner plans with you, once I figure them out.

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